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Let’s Go There

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We’re down.
But we’re not out.

Our experiences of this outbreak and unrest are all different, but one thing is clear: in this time of struggle, we have a choice.

We can give in to fear, isolation, division and put up our defenses. Or we can open up. We can find strength in relationships. We can overcome challenges together.

Because it’s in small acts of bravery, caring and connection that we can heal this pain and weave the future we want.

Let’s Go There

"People complain about 2020 being the worst year when really it is the year when really it is the year that we didn’t know we needed. The world is changing, we are changing, and it is an uncomfortable feeling. And I have been eternally grateful for every minute of it.”

Kaiya Camara
Atlanta, GA

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“Now is a really good time to listen to one another. Just call your neighbor and ask what this new reality looks like and feels like for them and just listen. We are all neighbors, and it’s about just seeing concentric circles from there.”

Whitney Kimball Coe
Rural Assembly
Athens, TN

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“I want to use this moment as a way to talk about things we’re uncomfortable talking about. We can figure this out together so we can be in a better place going forward.”

Doug Young
Spruce Haven Farm
Syracuse, NY

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“Not very many people knew about my personal connection to mental illness because I never talked about. Now I want to use my experience to help others. Can you believe that 40% of Americans suffer from mental illness now? So many people are living in isolation because of the pandemic and we won’t know until it’s too late. We need to be proactive and reach out to one another. I know I am.”

Kinya Claiborne
New York, NY


"I want to see a future where the child I am birthing into the world grows up in a multifaith, multiracial household in the south and that’s not seen as weird."

Rev. Jen Bailey
Faith Matters Network
Nashville, TN

Final Crop

“I have learned that there is suffering in this life. And as we learn to accept what we’ve lived through, we discover the kind of human beings we really are.”

Pancho Arguelles
Living Hope Wheelchair Association
Houston, TX

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Get Involved

Three Ways to Weave

Connect through honest conversation to start and deepen relationships where you live.
Take care of yourself, your family and your community.
Imagine what can emerge from this moment and create the life we want together.

Where are you weaving?




You can fuel hope, courage, and action to overcome division! We believe we can and must repair the division, isolation and hatred that is tearing us apart. You can multiply repair efforts by helping us spread the message, teach the skills, and share the stories of everyday people who are showing up for others across differences. Spread hope and courage. Support healing conversations and actions. Create the life we want, together. Are you with us? Please support the #WeavingCommunity campaign for Giving Tuesday!