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#WeavingCommunity Care

#WeavingCommunity Care Ideas:
Easy Ways to Show You Care

Simple acts of kindness are the easiest way to show you care! We often have the inclination to “Go Big or Go Home” which leaves us feeling like we don’t have the resources to really show we care. However, when we are trying to bring our communities together, especially in times of crisis, it’s the small things that really matter!

We have been paying attention to the ideas our Weaving Community has shared with us as examples of showing either how they cared, or how someone else has cared for them. We are highlighting some of the easy ways to show you Care if you are looking for inspiration!

Text Ideas:

  • Send someone a text just to let them know you are thinking about them.
  • Send a neighbor a text asking if there is anything you can do for them.
  • Text your neighbors when you are going to the store to ask if you can pick something up for them.
  • Text an inspirational quote you saw on social media to someone who may be feeling lonely.
  • Text family members you haven’t talked to in a while a quick hello or I love you.
  • Text updates about how you have found joy and inspire others to do the same.

Neighborhood Organizing:

  • Organize a “grocery train” to shop for neighbors who aren’t able to shop for themselves; designate days of the week when assigned neighbors will make a grocery run and publish it on social media (nextdoor, facebook, etc.) and let your neighbors know to text or email their lists by a certain time so you can pick items up and deliver.
  • Check in with neighbors who may need transportation to doctor appointments — be sure to wear masks and have them sit in the back seat!
  • Plan a Victory Garden by ordering and sharing seeds with your neighbors to start vegetable gardens.
  • Show you are there to help by putting yourself on the Help Map on Nextdoor.

Frontline Support:

  • Leave a gift card in the mailbox/on the trashcan/on your porch for the postal, trash and delivery workers keeping our communities running — just make sure it is clearly marked for them so they have no question about taking it!
  • Make homemade thank you signs to frontline workers (healthcare, grocery, transportation, etc.) and secure them in your yard and or windows.

Virtual Social Activities:

  • Plan a virtual game night with friends or neighbors — everyone can gather on Zoom, FaceTime or Messenger and pick a game or games to play together.
  • Plan a coffee/breakfast/lunch/dinner date with friends — pick a time and put it on the calendar as if you are meeting them in person, show up on the phone or video and connect over your beverage or meal.
  • Host a virtual Happy Hour! Pick your video platform and get your friends together just like you would after work and share a beverage and conversation.
  • Have a virtual book club! Pick a book to read and a date to discuss it…don’t worry if not everyone has read the book, I am notorious for joining bookclub not having read the book — I just know I may hear spoilers!
  • Take a bike ride or do yoga with friends on the Peleton app — they are offering it for free during Covid.

Neighborhood Decorating:

  • Put up Christmas lights or festive outdoor decorations
  • Participate in the Teddy Bear or Heart Hunts by putting a stuffed bear and or hearts in your windows for little ones to find on neighborhood walks.
  • Participate in the #ChalkYourWalk — decorate your sidewalks with artful expression and uplifting messages.
  • Create a scavenger hunt for the littles in your neighborhood! Identify or hide items for the littles to “hunt” and leave the list in their mailboxes.

Old Fashioned Snail Mail and Hand Delivery:

  • Write notes to your neighbors and leave them in their mailboxes or on their front doors.
  • Write letters of gratitude, send thank you cards or just handwrite notes to let friends and family know you care and put a stamp on them and put them in the mail.
  • Write to old friends (or even family) that you have lost touch with and let them know you would like to reconnect or that they are simply still in your thoughts and send them off.