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#WeavingCommunity Conversations

Conversation is critical to relationships and an important way we connect, care, and create. Want to start a conversation among your neighbors, friends, or family? The suggested conversation prompts and guidelines below were collaboratively developed by many of our partners reflecting their collective experience creating conversations in communities across America. Make sure you add your conversation to the homepage map so we can celebrate you #WeavingCommunity! Additional resources are available on the Get Involved page to help you have a meaningful conversation experience.

Use the #WeavingCommunity Conversation Platform to have an online conversation using these prompts!

Conversation Guidelines

  • We will be present and not multitask
  • We will avoid assumptions about others and listen first to understand them
  • We will give time and encourage all voices, no matter how quiet or different
  • We will trust each other to speak honestly
  • We will respect each other’s fears and vulnerabilities
  • We will be patient with those unfamiliar with technology

Connect Conversation Prompts

  • How has your life changed due to the coronavirus?
  • What has been the biggest shift in your everyday routine?
  • What has surprised you during this time?
  • Describe another time when you lived through a period of uncertainty?
  • Have you had to get creative to make do? How?
  • Have you experienced any silver linings in the disruption?
  • Is there anything or anyone you’re appreciating more than you did before the crisis?
  • Are there neighbors you feel close to? What makes you feel close?
  • Are there opportunities for you to connect with others who are different?
  • What will you do to sustain, build and support connection and unity in your community both now and after coronavirus has passed?

Care Conversation Prompts

  • How are you feeling?
  • What are you doing to take care of yourself and maintain a sense of normalcy?
  • Describe a time you offered or received support from someone in your community related to coronavirus?
  • Is there someone you think is doing a great job supporting people during this time? Who are they? How are they doing it?
  • Do you feel you have the same or different challenges and or struggles that you experienced when the nation first went into lockdown?
  • How have the different phases of Coronavirus lockdown impacted you and your family?
  • Have you maintained a routine? Do you feel like your routine has assisted in your well being?
  • What silver linings have you seen during the pandemic?
  • Have you learned any valuable lessons that you will take with you when we emerge from the pandemic?

Create Conversation Prompts

  • Imagine the best community we might have. What would it look and feel like day to day?
  • What good is coming out in the pandemic that inspires us and our neighbors?
  • What tough challenges in our community can we envision solving together?
  • Who in our community has inspired others to create positive change? How can you help celebrate their accomplishments?
  • How can we build on the good we see now to create the community we want that includes everyone?
  • Who is currently included in the community? Are any people left out? Who is missing in this conversation?
  • Who are 2-3 people in our local community that are not currently involved that we can inspire to help lead?
  • What groups in our community might join forces to help initiative change?
  • What resources are already in our community that we can mobilize? What resources are needed?
  • What would it take to get everyone involved and working together?

Have an online conversation using these prompts!

You can fuel hope, courage, and action to overcome division! We believe we can and must repair the division, isolation and hatred that is tearing us apart. You can multiply repair efforts by helping us spread the message, teach the skills, and share the stories of everyday people who are showing up for others across differences. Spread hope and courage. Support healing conversations and actions. Create the life we want, together. Are you with us? Please support the #WeavingCommunity campaign for Giving Tuesday!