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Get real on social: How are you feeling right now?

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In today’s divided and lonely society, people don’t trust others enough to show up as they genuinely are. Social feeds are a highlight reel that hides what’s going on beneath the best moments of our lives. We don’t broadcast the common feelings of self-doubt, uncertainty, and rough spots we know are part of being human. It takes courage to break out of that and showcase imperfection. But to create real relationships, we have to get real.

1. Take a plunge by sharing what you are experiencing and feeling in these times of uncertainty on social media. This can be one sentence or ten paragraphs, a photo or a video, whatever feels right to you. Being vulnerable takes bravery, but we can’t face the challenges without naming them. By sharing what’s on your heart, you may inspire others to open up too, so we can figure out a path forward together.

2. If you’re struggling with where to start, download one of the graphics below and post it with your own words about what you’re experiencing. It’s a great opening to invite friends to get real with you. Click on any emotions below to download or click here to access all of the graphics.

3. Remember to tag our social accounts and use #WeavingCommunity #LetsGoThere, so we can celebrate you and your vulnerability. (Find our accounts at @weaving_us across the internet)

Get real to create real relationships. Click how you’re feeling below and share it with your community.

George Floyd’s death under the knee of a police officer, the latest of many senseless killings of Black Americans, shows us painfully that America is not the nation we want it to be. Read our statement on racial justice in America and the role we see for the #WeavingCommunity campaign going forward.