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Brave Connection Conversations

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Join our Brave Connection video chats, currently pairing military and civilian neighbors

In these times of protest and pandemic, we all want an America we can be proud of. Military and civilian neighbors are coming together to bravely talk about their experiences and create a better future, together.

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When we face challenge, we have a choice. We can retreat into our safe beliefs and corners or we can reach out to others. Those with military service know intimately that shared hardship can make us stronger and closer.

Our country is hurting. Racial tensions are high. The pandemic has touched everyone in some way, separating us, causing loss and uncertainty, preventing us from celebrating or even grieving together. Yet it has also brought us closer through shared sacrifice and acts of service.

We’re matching military and civilian neighbors in small video chats of 4-6 people to share our experiences and weave a stronger, more connected America. We’ll talk about times in our lives when we have faced challenges and what we’ve learned. We’ll talk about our experiences in these last weeks and months. And we’ll talk about what we want for our communities in the future.

Join with other Americans for a Brave Connection

You can fuel hope, courage, and action to overcome division! We believe we can and must repair the division, isolation and hatred that is tearing us apart. You can multiply repair efforts by helping us spread the message, teach the skills, and share the stories of everyday people who are showing up for others across differences. Spread hope and courage. Support healing conversations and actions. Create the life we want, together. Are you with us? Please support the #WeavingCommunity campaign for Giving Tuesday!