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Yard Signs for #WeavingCommunity

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Imagine virtual yard signs celebrating our communities dotting the American landscape when we most need inspiration to build relationships and rediscover our common humanity.

In partnership with the Davenport Institute, we invite you to rise above political division by placing inspiring yard signs on your social or even physical property. Add your message to the blank space in the yard sign by downloading the templates below and using an easy design tool such as Canva, or simply add your personal message to your social media post as you share one of the templates.

When sharing on social media, include #WeavingCommunity and tag Davenport Institute (Facebook/Instagram- @DavenportInstitute Twitter- @DavenportInst).

Virtual Yard Sign Templates

1: Show Support (We Wish the Malibu Doctors and Nurses the best as they continue to fight the pandemic)

2: Show Encouragement (Every day we are encouraged by our teachers adapting to online learning)

3: Show Gratitude (Thank you to our first responders for all of your work during the pandemic)

4: Show Love (We love our community because of the sacrifices our frontline workers make everyday)

The inspiration for this idea

This concept was first seen in Grover Beach, CA at the beginning of the pandemic to spread encouragement and bring a greater sense of unity to the local community.

You can fuel hope, courage, and action to overcome division! We believe we can and must repair the division, isolation and hatred that is tearing us apart. You can multiply repair efforts by helping us spread the message, teach the skills, and share the stories of everyday people who are showing up for others across differences. Spread hope and courage. Support healing conversations and actions. Create the life we want, together. Are you with us? Please support the #WeavingCommunity campaign for Giving Tuesday!